New features October 12, 2012

Upgrade SNAP to DbSNP version 135

previous release: June 11, 2012

New arrays in Filter By Array

Support for a total of twelve new chip arrays has been added to SNAP. The new arrays are available for use in Proxy Search and Pairwise LD.

The following 9 new Illumina arrays are available under Filter By Array:

  • Illumina Human Exome 12.1 (E1)
  • Illumina Human Exome 12.11 (E11)
  • Illumina Human OmniChip 2.5 4 sample (O24)
  • Illumina Human OmniChip 2.5 8 sample (O28)
  • Illumina Human OmniChip 5 4 sample (O54)
  • Illumina Human Omni 5 Exome (O5E)
  • Illumina Human Omni Express Exome (OEE)
  • Immuno Bead Chip A (ICA)
  • Immuno Bead Chip B (ICB)

The following 3 new Affymetrix arrays are available under Filter By Array

  • Affymetrix 10K Mapping Array, build2 (A10)
  • Affymetrix Axiom Exome Plus Array (AAE)
  • Affymetrix Axiom Genome-Wide Human Origins 1 Array (AAH)