Supplementary material

December 4, 2000

Shamji A.F., Kuruvilla F.G., Schreiber S.L. "Partitioning the transcriptional program induced by rapamycin among effectors of the Tor proteins" Current Biology 10, 1574-1581(2000)

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Experimental conditions for profiles Text file
Full profiling data set (data in log base 10) Excel 97
Gene sets depicted in Fig 1 and Fig 2 Excel 97
Macros for calculating angles and magnitude ratios Excel 97
Angles and ratios of vector magnitudes for Fig. 2 Excel 97
Supplementary fig. for Gln3p/Gat1p NDP dependence Excel 97
Script for generating angle CCAs Matlab M-file
Script for generating ratio of magnitude CCAs Matlab M-file
Script to convert text files to cell arrays Matlab M-file
Script to calculate colors for CCAs Matlab M-file
Tutorial to create a CCA Text file
Input data for Fig 2a CCA Text file
Input data for Fig 2b CCA Text file
Input profile headings for Fig 2 CCAs Text file
Input row titles for Fig 2 CCAs Text file

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