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News: Schreiber lab-related articles

"Small Molecules for Big Medicines" HHMI Bulletin, May 2008
  --Stuart Schreiber comments on using small-molecule bioprobes to study the causes of diseases in the Bulletin's Perspectives & Opinions section.

"Chemical biology at the Broad Institute" Nature Chemical Biology, April 2007

"Spray-On Special Effects, Mendel Biotechnology Uses Chemical Genetics to Help Plants Cope with Stress" Chemistry & Biology, September 2006

"Open-access chemistry databases evolving slowly but not surely" Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, September 2006
  -- Includes ChemBank in a comparative analysis of chemistry databases available.

"The Right Combination" Nature, January 2006
  -- Article on CombinatoRx, the pharmaceutical company founded by Schreiber lab alumni.

"Small molecules and 'systematic serendipity' yield big ideas in life-sciences and biomedical research." Harvard Magazine, March/April 2005

"Spotlight Shines on Tag-team Gene Regulation." HMS Focus, February 2005

"Elvis, Nixon, and Stuart Schreiber" The Scientist, September 2004
  --Article about a sociological experiment ("Project Kornberg") involving chemists and biologists

"Stuart Schreiber: biology from a chemist's perspective" Drug Discovery Today, April 2004

"Rescuing CombiChem: Diversity-oriented synthesis aims to pick up where traditional combinatorial chemistry left off" C&E News, October 2004
  -- In early 2005, C&E News published "Stealing a field or ruffling feathers? Some complain that 'diversity-oriented synthesis' is a superfluous catchphrase", an opinion article that highlighted many of the criticisms of the previous DOS report.