MAF files in absolute


I'm trying to run ABSOLUTE v 1.0.6 on my tumor exome seq + copy number data. The copy numbers are inferred from low-pass was and I generated somatic mutation calls in MAF format. When I run ABSOLUTE using the CNV data only, it's all file and gives me nice output.

However, when I add the MAF file, it breaks saying

Error in CreateMutCnDat(maf, seg.dat,, verbose = verbose) :
Malformed MAF file, no ref column supplied

In the source code of ABSOLUTE I understand that I need columns for number of reads supporting the ref and alt alleles which makes perfect sense since it need to estimate frequencies and their variability.

My issue is that I don't have these columns. The MAF spec doesn't mention them ( and I unable to find any info on what kind of MAF files absolute wants.

So, two questions:

1. Is MAF still the way to go when using SNV data in ABSOLUTE? Is development ongoing using VCF?
2. Which columns should be added to the MAF for compatibility with ABSOLUTE? I have VCF files with all info on counts etc, and the BAMs if I need further info.



I got the answer here: