memory error in MutSigCV1.4


I tried to test a very small maf file on MutSig1.4. I used the exome full coverage file provided by MutSig. I have tried on the genepattern public server and our local server. I got the following error messages:

Loading mutation_file...
Loading coverage file...
Loading covariate file...
NOTE: 124/2014 gene names could not be mapped to coverage information. Excluding them.
NOTE: 3818/141888 mutations were outside the category set. Excluding them.
NOTE: Converting "-" to "_" in patient names.
Building n and N tables...
Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.


Found a solution?

Hi Jia,

I am having a similar issue. Did you find a solution?

I am running a full MAF with > 4M entries, using a workstation with 15GB RAM.