MutSig Invalid field error


I'm trying to use MutSig with MCR.

My MAF file does not contain "effect" or "categ" columns but I read that is actually OK

I'm getting the following error:

Invalid field name: '4639T'.

Error in MutSigCV>MutSig_runCV (line 763)

Error in MutSigCV (line 194)

Where '4639T' is a value of the "Tumor_Sample_Barcode" column in my MAF file.

Any ideas on what might be the problem??

Thank you in advance.

I think there must have been

I think there must have been some errors in the method you have done to MutSig Invalid field error. I think the problem can be troubleshooter if you follow the step-by-step instruction in doing the procedure. Hope that you will be able to fix the MutSig Invalid field error.
Outlook setting

I suspect matlab doesn't

I suspect matlab doesn't support variable names of type 4639T(i.e. number followed by alphabet), try T4639.

That should not be the name

Thanks, that worked!. Matlab being Matlab

Limitation of languages

Great. Actually thats a limitation with all the programming languages, as they don't allow such variable names.

I want to ask one thing, are you using the coverage file given by Broad or you are making your own?